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Smart Swim Baby Trainer- Non-Inflatable Baby & Toddler Float Ring

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With our Smart Swim Baby Trainer, you can teach your baby to swim without the worry of them overheating or harmful effects from the Sun's UV rays.

Our Smart Swim Baby Trainer is made from a unique pearl-foam liner, so you don't have to worry about air escaping. It's solid and will always stay afloat. Conveniently, there is no need to inflate the ring. 
This means you won't get that dizzy feeling from having to blow into your child’s flotation device. Now you can swim with confidence knowing your baby will stay afloat and won’t slip out thanks to the extra secure 5-point safety harness.

Product Features:

  • Advanced Technology- Solid non-inflatable ring is made with a pearl-foam liner constructed from millions of tiny capsules
  • Safe- 5 point safety harness ;front of float is heightened to prevent tipping over
  • Portability- Small enough to pack for vacations
  • User friendly- No need to inflate or assemble; Easy clip sun shade


  • Age: 3-24 ,months old
  • Size: 48.5x46.5cm or 54.5x44.5cm
  • Weight Capacity: 13-40lbs
  • Color: Blue, Green, Pink

Package Includes:

(1) Smart Swim Baby Trainer