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CavitatUltra™️ - 3 in 1 Fat & Cellulite Remover

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Safe & Non-Invasive

The non-invasive alternative to liposuction can help you to eliminate local fat deposits without carrying any ugly risk. You can barely feel the sound-waves. No discomfort is caused, no needles, no repercussions. Everything happens via a natural process.

Convenient & Effective

CavitatUltra™️ can be used in the comfort of your own home. Just 5-15 minutes of daily treatments can result in visible results immediately. Get rid of deposits that will not disappear with diet and exercise alone.

Scientifically Proven

Countless studies have proven the effectiveness of ultrasound fat cavitation and concluded that treatments can lead to lasting results in regard to the skin condition, fat deposits, and cellulite treatment.

Unlimited Possibilities

Apart from fat spot reduction, cellulite treatment, and tightening, the CavitatUltra™️ can be used to improve skin complexion and texture. Diminish smile lines and crow's feet - experience a natural face-lift & kiss the double chin goodbye forever.

Fast & Easy

Reap the Benefits of Ultrasound Fat Cavitation instantly - do not waste months to see visible results. This device allows for handy daily application and therefore it has never been this easy to simply look your best. Invest in yourself and feel confident like never before. You deserve it!

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How Does It Work

The CavitatUltra™️ is revolutionary. Advanced EMS, Ultrasonic Cavitation and Infrared Technologies are optimized to deliver outstanding results. 


Utilizing 1MHz per second frequencies, the ultrasonic waves (alone or coupled with our “slimming gel”) generate frictional heat which accelerates blood circulation, causes a molecular reaction, and decomposes cellulite to break down excess fatty tissue.


    CavitatUltra is applied on the individually chosen target areas - After minutes microscopic bubbles within the fat cells that expand are formed


    Increasingly rising intracellular pressure is produced which causes the targeted fat cells to burst


    This releases the fatty acids inside the fat cells and the stubborn fat is ready to be metabolized. After metabolization the fatty acids, then are excreted


    The process is pain-free and leaves no marks or scars. No heat is ever released, the whole process is based on frequency transmission, explicitly targeting the area that CavitatUltra is applied to.

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All-In-One Treatment

3 Different Technologies - Unlimited Possibilities!


CavitatUltra combines the most effective treatments on the market into one handy machine, each of them are used in many Spas around the world as well as medical institutions and beauty centers. 


We have partnered up with some of the most renowned beauty experts to create a solution that will hold up to its promises. CavitatUltra includes a mode for ultrasound cavitation, electronic muscle stimulation and infrared therapy